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The WERTSchöpferei – Providing basic services together on site

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The WERTschöpferei is a new economic system for Munich Freiham, one of the largest residential areas in Europe. As a cooperative, the WERTschöpferei will provide a real basic supply for its members. This social and ecological innovation will have a lasting impact on our future.
The foundation are NATURE, our URBANITY and the RESIDENTS.
Agentur Richter developed the communication concept, name and corporate design of The WERTSchöpferei.

NATURE. Fair agriculture
That suits our children: Never was
more ecological, future-proof

URBAN. Lively urban quarter
This fits into our city: Our neighborhood takes
its own supply into its own hands.

RESIDENTS: Sustainable living
It suits me: I’m putting an end to living at the expense of others.
at the expense of others.