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Brand new: Marketing start-up package for small natural cosmetics brands

By August 2022 No Comments

How smart, digital concepts are changing the natural cosmetics world and making small brands desirable.
Brand campaigns and brand desirability only for big brands? We say a definite “No!” to that.

With our campaign starter package, this is also possible with small budgets.

In cooperation with Elke Hockauf, the experienced social media specialist for natural cosmetics, we have developed a unique start-up package that is already being used successfully by some natural cosmetics brands, such as bluvion in Austria.

Saving time and resources with increasingly complex marketing topics?
How do I gain security and minimise risk when making decisions on my marketing topics?

Which measures will secure my brand future?Which creative service providers are the right ones for me? Digital? Influencers? Social media?

If these questions are on your mind, our Natural Cosmetics Marketing Start-up Package is just right for you. Contact Alexandra Richter for a no-obligation consultation.