CASE Study

piu di servas – the robbery

A private label quickly becomes a desirable brand.
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Desire from 0 to 100 – Agentur Richter uses emotional storytelling to achieve high brand desirability for a previously unknown private label.

When buying shoes, a woman’s decisions are anything but rational – they are highly emotional. Exactly this is our approach to creation and inspires the challenge to quickly turn a private label into an end consumer brand. The million-dollar campaigns of international fashion brands for their licensed shoes alone also provide us with creativity in the choice of media.
Agentur Richter uses the image of Italian shoes, shoots in Rome with Italian-speaking protagonists – because which woman would be interested in shoes from Pirmasens?

Brand consulting, brand building, overall campaign, cinema and web spot, trade fair and event communication, web design, PoS communication

Content and storytelling with an extremely cool heroine, her attractive partner and an unusual twist towards the product.
Maximum attention from customers and shoe retailers. The no. 1 hot topic to talk about at the international trade fair GDS. Extensive press coverage.
Rapid and long-term value enhancement of the brand.
The classic of the specialists from Agentur Richter – desirability achieved quickly and sustainably for the brand.

The cinema spot shows in the largest theaters throughout Germany and also supporting the local specialist trade. The web spot successfully goes viral.

The brand campaign and spot are awarded as the best of the industry at the New York Festivals® and in the Jahrbuch der Werbung®.